Thanksgiving’s Winners and Losers


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Thanksgiving is a special holiday which allows companies and organizations to collaborate for mutual benefit. During this year’s Dallas Cowboy’s game, country music entertainer of the year, Luke Bryan held a performance at halftime. The performance was intended to kick off the Salvation Army’s 125th Red Kettle Campaign. The campaign raised $2 billion this year and will provide Americans in need with food, shelter, and other valuable resources. The event has several advantages in terms of upholding good standards with the public in relation to the organizations involved.

The Dallas Cowboys are in desperate need of good publicity as they have been experiencing negative press on a weekly basis. They have been known to sign players of questionable character, so events like this are especially important as a public relations strategy. Luke Bryan just received entertainer of they year, so this performance was an honor for him and will only assist in elevating his image. With that said, his performance was not very good. Social media was pouring with comments pertaining to his act, most of which were extremely negative. It have been difficult for him to gain momentum as a performer based on the crowds enthusiasm. The home team Dallas Cowboys went into halftime trailing the panthers by a lengthy margin. The fans weren’t happy, Cowboy’s ownership wasn’t happy, so Bryan was put in a tough situation.

As far as The Salvation Army is concerned, they succeeded in kicking off their new campaign. The holiday season is our most crucial fundraising period, and a time when a lot of families are seeking our assistance,” said Lt. Col. Ron Busroe, national community relations and development secretary for The Salvation Army. “The visibility that Luke Bryan and the Cowboys bring to our organization is invaluable to us.”

This is a good example of organizations using a holiday to reach their intended target, as well as entities collaborating to develop better public relations. The Dallas Cowboys as a football team failed, Luke Bryan’s performance might have been a failure, however from a public relations standpoint, everyone involved was a winner.


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